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Alice Duarte

Alice Duarte is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (FLUP), Department of Heritage Sciences and Techniques (DCTP); integrated researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto (IS-UP), research line: Artistic Creation, Cultural Practices and Policies; collaborating researcher at the Centre for African Studies of the University of Porto (CEAUP). Graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the FCSH-UNL, she completed her Masters Degree in Anthropology and Ethnomuseology at the University of Minho in 1997. She obtained her PhD degree in Anthropology of Complex Societies, in 2008, from the Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE-IUL), with the thesis Novos Consumos e Identidades em Portugal. Uma Perspetiva Antropológica, which resulted in the publication of two books: Experiências de Consumo - Estudos de caso no interior da Classe Média (2009, 226 p, ISBN: 978-989-8265-00-5) and O Consumo para os Outros: os Presentes como Linguagem de Sociabilidade (2011, 202 p, ISBN: 978-989-8265-50-0). Member CC Master and PhD in Museology, with interests in the areas of Anthropology of Consumption, Museology and Heritage Studies, she has supervised several dissertations and theses.

Areas Of Interest

Post-colonial studies

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Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
Via Panorâmica, s/n
4150-564 Porto, Portugal

Phone: +351 226 077 132


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