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The Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto has a vast team of researchers, split along two Research Groups: Social Recompositions, Culture and Territory and Work, Family and Social Policies. Each of these Groups covers specific research challenges. The structure of activities of the Group Social Recompositions, Culture and Territory is based on the issues of Social Recompositions and Territories and Artistic Creation, Cultural Policies and Practices; moreover, the activities of the research Group Work, Family and Social Policies involve the fields of Work, Employment, Professions and Organisations and Family, Ageing and Gender.
The members of the Institute of Sociology include Integrated Researchers, Collaborator Researchers and FCT PhD Fellows.

Social recompositions, culture and territory

Artistic creation, cultural practices and policies

The sub-group Artistic Creation, Cultural Practices and Policies analyses artistic creation and cultural and political practices based on the theoretical and methodological frameworks of the

Social recompositions and territories

The Sub-group Social Recompositions and Territories works on the study of the processes of social recomposition and structuring o

Work, family and social policies

Family, ageing and gender

The sub-group analyses, from a sociological viewpoint, the issues of Family, Ageing and Gender within the wider framework of the study of work, family and social po

Work, employment, professions and organisations

The sub-group TEPO – Work, Employment, Professions and Organisations – is part of a larger research group, the Work, Family and Social Policies gro


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