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2ª Escola de Verão Internacional do ISUP

Sala de Reuniões 1 e 2 - FLUP |


- 2023-07-07

2nd ISUP International Summer School
Of war and peace: how tensions and conflicts cross societies

3rd and 7th July 2023
Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto

Today we are living in a declared war in Europe. A devastating war. But have we ever lived in peace? How do 'wars' rage in various spheres of society (politics, religion, economics, class structure, new and old media, gender, ethnicity...)? What are the triggers of societal clashes? What role do conflicts play in social (re)composition? What is happening with the desocialisation that is spreading in everyday life? What social "voids" are being created? Can consensuses sometimes also have harmful consequences in the reproduction of conformism and the status quo? What mediation can be created between antagonisms? How are they solved? On what scales? What role does the academy play in the analysis of these disputes?

It is urgent to create a time and a space for critical discussion that allows for establishing solid bridges between the university and the city in addressing these issues. The school's programme includes lectures, round tables, talking circles, shared reading sessions and also workshops, guided tours and cultural moments in collaboration with local artists and organizations.




Any person, inside or outside the academy, Portuguese or foreign, with a completed degree and interest in the themes addressed;

Participants confirmed!
Keynote speakers: Phillipe Bourgois and Gerben Moerman
Round tables: Ana Lúcia Santos, Cristina Roldão, João Teixeira Lopes, José Manuel Pureza, Lígia Ferro, Manuel Carlos Silva, Miguel Crespo, Maria Paula Meneses, Virgílio Borges Pereira, etc.
Workshops: Cláudia Marisa, Flora Paim, Renata Gaspar;
Guided tours: Interstruct Collective and Pedro Levi Bismark
Performance Art Talks: Gaya de Medeiros and Rebecca Moradalizadeh

120 euros - workers
80 euros - students
0 euros - unemployed 


Registration until April 15, through the form. 


Results announcement: 4 May

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Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
Via Panorâmica, s/n
4150-564 Porto, Portugal

Phone: +351 226 077 132


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