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Records of Portuguese rock: bands, band members, and discographies (1960-2021) | 2021
This database aims at establishing a brief sociological timeline of Portuguese rock music from the 1960s to the present day, focusing on its artists, bands, and discographies.
It is the result of research and documentation work through different, scarce and dispersed bibliographic resources available and focuses entirely on the social and historical pattern of Portuguese rock.
It aims at filling gaps in the existing bibliographic and documentary resources available and consolidating scientific information sources available for consultation, support, and sharing to professionals of the Portuguese rock scene, but also to students, teachers, and researchers interested in these topics.
By also promoting the recognition of a music culture, which played a key role in the consolidation of democratic values in Portugal, in particular in the 1980s and the Portuguese rock boom, this database further aims at promoting the maximisation and sharing of knowledge on national culture among the local, national, and international communities.
Authors: Ana Martins, Paula Guerra
Report - Overview of the multiplicity of values of culture and its controversies | 2021
This document embodies the concluding phase of the WP2 work and reflections based on the 26 case studies developed within the four research fields of UNCHARTED: 6 cases in cultural production and heritage management carried out in Spain, Italy and Hungary, 4 cases in cultural participation in live arts and culture in France and Portugal, 4 cases in cultural participation through media in the United Kingdom and Norway, and 4+8 cases in cultural administration about Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Norway and Hungary.

Project: Uncharted - Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture
Funding: European Commission - Horizon 2020 (Grant agreement no. 870793)
Research Brief - UNCHARTED: Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture | 2021
Documento elaborado pela equipa de investigação do Is-UP, João Teixeia Lopes, Lígia Ferro e Natália Azevedo.


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